Services we provide

  • Residential valuations of individual dwelling houses and strata units in various
    formats (i.e summary, short form or full residential valuation report) prepared in a
    manner which meets the specific clients’ requirements.
  • Inspections for residential construction dwellings and supervising building works
    ,progress payments and finance by
  • Rural and rural industry valuations
  • Compulsory acquisition valuations
  • Residential development sites and property located in future residential release
  • Property consultancy for mortgage lenders and advice regarding market trends
    and specialized properties
  • Litigation and court work as an expert witness
  • Advice regarding project marketing from early development stages to completion
  • Insurance assessments on a reinstatement and replacement basis
  • Rental assessments and general lease advise on all types of properties
  • Specific expert advice regarding defective building work
  • Specific expert advice of detrimental environment conditions such as transmission
    line easements, flight paths, slip areas, flooding or any other major detrimental
    environmental factors.
  • Family law valuations
  • Stamp duty, capital gains and land tax valuations

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